1. If you are going to raise, your raise must be greater than or equal to the previous raise (e.g. Player 1 bets $1, Player 2 raises to $3, if Player 3 wishes to raise, he must make it at least $5 total...another $2 raise).  If there was no previous raise or bet, the big blind will serve as the minimum bet.  If there was only a single bet in front of you, the first raise must be double that bet.
  2. If a card is turned up during the deal, the deal will continue as normal, the next card going to the next player.  After all the other cards have been dealt, the next card off the deck will go to the player with the exposed card and no card will be burned before the flop.
  3. No string bets.  You must put your entire bet out at once, unless you announce a raise or an amount before you put it out.  An unannounced bet that is short or not enough to be a valid raise will be considered a call.  The bet will then need to be corrected to be the correct amount to call.  If a vocal bet is made in a valid amount during the player’s turn, it is required to be executed with chips.
  4. If you are called on a bet after the river, you must show BOTH of your hole cards first.  These cards should be exposed to the entire table.
  5. If nobody bets after the river is turned up, the person to the left of the dealer will show his cards first, and then the remaining people in the hand have the choice of mucking or showing their cards.
  6. At the end of any given cash game, players with spare change greater than or equal to 30 cents, but less than or equal to 70 cents, will be required to put their money in a "scraps pot" and a winner shall be decided by a Hold'em hand played between all the participating players, but dealt face up as if all players were all-in.  If a player has less than 30 cents, that player will be required to sacrifice that money to the scraps pot and not be dealt into the hand.  If a player has more than 70 cents, they may remove the amount needed to make an even dollar from the scraps pot and will not be dealt into the hand.
  7. Any player leaving the game before it is agreed to finish will be required to sacrifice any change less than a dollar into the next pot.
  8. As a courtesy, any player leaving before the end of the game with chips should announce their departure before they leave.  Use 10-15 minutes as a rule of thumb.
  9. An all-in will only reopen the betting in a pot if the all-in is greater than or equal to 1/2 a valid raise. (e.g. Player 1 bets $5, Player 2 calls $5, Player 3 goes all in for $6.  Player 1 and 2 would then only have the option to call the $1 or fold.  They may not re-raise.  If Player 3 had gone all in for $7.50 or more...$2.50 being half the minimum raise...then Player 1 and 2 would have the option to re-raise.) 


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